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DPF Filter Cleaning - DPF Cleaning - California, USA

Inspections and Testing

DMW inspects and tests the filter at every step of the cleaning process. When we are finished processing the DPF we know the exact condition of the filter and have absolute confidence and knowledge of the level of recovery. Cleaning results are shared with the customer and can be compared with historical recovery levels for the filter.

Cleaning Results

DMW has an overall average cleaning success of about 95% of the filters. A recovered filter reaches Green Tag or Orange Tag status as set by FSX statistical analysis. Approximately 5% of the incoming filters will not move out of the Red Tag range for a variety of reasons or have failed or been damaged prior to receipt. These filters are Red Tagged and deemed un-cleanable.

DMW DPF Filter Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Record owner and serial number

  2. Inspected and test filter on TrapTester; record defects, damage and test results in database.

  3. Perform Stage 1 pneumatic cleaning of the filter using the TrapBlaster. Inspect filter during cleaning process using built in filter failure diagnostic feature. Record defects.

  4. Test filter on TrapTester. Compare results with Baseline Matrix; determine status as Green Tag, Orange Tag, or Red Tag.

  5. If Green Tag achieved record results, repackage and return to customer.

  6. If status is Orange Tag or Red Tag move filter forward into Stage 2 thermal cleaning using the TrapBurner.

  7. Perform second pneumatic cleaning on TrapBlaster to blow out ash freed in Stage 2 thermal cleaning.

  8. Test filter for air flow on TrapTester; record results. Compare results with Baseline Matrix; determine status as Green Tag, Orange Tag or Red Tag and attach tag with cleaning results.

  9. Record results in DMW's database, repackage and return to customer.

Each filter cell is addressed individually x x
Cleans on both ends of filter x x
Diagnostic capability detects failed cells x x
Operator can see entire cleaning process x x
Automatic cleaning mode x x
Manual override of automatic mode for custom cleaning x
Percentage of dust removed from filter 74% 71% 95%
  • Cleans under encroaching inlet and outlet flanges

  • Fits all manufacturers filters without custom adapters

DMW cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that we can achieve recovery of the filter. Filters can fail for a variety of reasons as a result of operating conditions. The primary source of failure is unusual thermal events that have caused sintering, failure of the cell walls or melting of the ceramic sub-strait. Filters can also be damaged by dropping them, thermal shocking them, excessive oil soaking, chips and vibration. Due to design and materials some filters last longer than others or can with stand higher temperatures.

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